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Shadow is a 9-yr old neutered male Vizsla (b. 3/1996) out of Fieldmaster Ace and Viesoo's Reba Rae. He was adopted from OR/WA Vizsla Rescue 5 years ago but his family can no longer keep him and he is currently in foster care in Boise ID. He shares a home with both male and female dogs, including a number of foster dogs coming and going and he gets along well with everyone. He is housebroken, knows how to use a doggie door and he respects fences. Shadow is a good hunter, good with cats and livestock, accustomed to running & biking the foothills, heeds voice commands, loves to ride in the car and go on road trips to fish and camp, crate trained, food motivated, and, like most Vizslas, craves affection and is a couch professional. He would prefer to have furniture and bed privileges alongside you but hops off when asked. He is collar-sensitive and will growl if manhandled but he is well-trained to voice commands. He requires muzzling for vet visits & grooming. No young children. At age 9 he still has a lot of spunk, is a quick learner with or w/o treats, is eager to please his humans, rolls for bellyrubs and would dearly love a hunting/fishing/hiking buddy to spend his golden years with. Shadow is cratable but he is reliable when left loose in the house and if you crate him he won't be able to greet you at the door with vizsla butt wiggles and a toy in his mouth!

March 2006: Shadow celebrates his 10th birthday this month and is still hoping for a home of his own. He likes his routine but he's an easy keeper and continues to do well with all the other foster dogs coming and going.

September 2006: Shadow waited a long time for his ship to come in but, boy did it ever come in! Jane lost her 12-yr old vizsla to cancer several years prior and, being not quite ready to start with a new pup, thought she might be able make a difference for a special boy like Shadow. Shadow thinks she made a good call and he loves his new life of hiking and biking the canyons of Utah but, more than anything else, he loves being appreciated for everything he is and having a family who loves him enough to make it work. They adore him, quirks and all, and Shadow loves sleeping on the bed and hanging out with Jax the cat while his people are working. Perhaps Shadow's most endearing quality is that he simply loves being a vizsla and it shows! (new pics)

Oct 2007: I was just getting such a kick out of Shadow I had an urge to tell you again what a big lovable lug he has become. We just can't get over what a great dog he is and how anyone could not like him. Yesterday we had some friends visiting from out of town and he just poured on the charm and pretended to be a big ol' lap dog. They LOVED him. And we just get a bigger kick out of him every day.

Much thanks to the Vizsla Rescue Fund for their help with some special expenses related to Shadow's ongoing care.

Jul 2009: Shadow went to The Bridge this month at the ripe age of 13-yrs where we are sure he is still as happy a vizsla as there ever could be. Thanks to Emily & Jane for loving "the old man" and giving him a life many vizslas only dream of.

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