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Schok (schokolade is German for chocolate) is a 1-yr old 65-lb male vizsla/weim mix in need of a new home because of a growing family with not enough time to devote to an active young dog. Schok is very energetic and loves to be around people and other dogs. He calms down substantially if given a good amount of attention. If we are doing yard work and have him around he just plays by himself and is very content just knowing we are around. He loves to play fetch, but assumes ownership of any object he's playing with. He loves to be chased and to chase you during play time. Often we'll see him doing laps in the backyard to release his energy. He's very loving and very loyal. He is cautious of strangers and warns us if a stranger comes around the house but has never bitten or charged at anyone. Not crazy about baths but loves water, rides well in the car, is reportedly housebroken and good with cats. He has not been trained for hunting.

Jan 2007: Schok found a new home in Montana.

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