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Schade is 2.5 yo male, AKC pedigree, docked tail, dews off. He was surrendered to a vet here in Salt Lake City to be put to sleep. The family had seen some tremors and weakness in the back legs and when informed it could be epileptic seizures they declined to pay for testing or care. The vet refused to put him down and asked that they release him to rescue. While in foster care in UT he showed no signs of anything abnormal. However, due to his potential health problems we knew he would be very hard to place. The Mattis family in PA welcomed him into their clan with open hearts and arms. They believe in helping dogs with no other option and asked if they could adopt Schade. It did not take long for his big-ride-on-the-plane day to come and he arrived in fine shape and ready for treats and kisses.

Shelley reports that Schade and Dakota are best doggie buddies while Baby has better V girl things to do. Andy is working on mom to let Schade sleep with him in bed at night. Dave thinks Schade is a great dog even if they scream round the house at top speed. Schade acts like he has been theirs forever. Wish we could clone folks like this who take in special needs dogs -- THANKS all from the bottom of our hearts and we hope Schade gives you many years of joyous pandemonium.

Dec 2007: We lost our beloved Schade (Rumple Schade Skin) this year. We found him about 3 weeks ago when we woke up, he passed away in his bed while he slept. He had been just fine, playing, eating, just as goofy as ever. The whole family and especially Andy is so sad. Andy was Schade's main man.

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