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Her story: Gina came to rescue as an unclaimed stray from a Utah shelter in Spring 2008. She was guessed to be about 10-12 months old and a small girl at 32 lbs. She may get to 35-40 as an adult but should not be much larger. She appears to be housetrained or we are lucky enough to get the dogs out often enough that she has not had any potty accidents in the house. She is also quite puppy like in behavior of playing and she will chew on things so must be watched. She does need obedience classes to not jump on people, to learn to walk on leash without crossing in front of you, and to do things like sit and stay. She also needs confidence building as she will crouch and hide if you raise your voice with her. She is not fond of going in the crate but will settle in once you round her up and get her in. Gina is a lover and a cuddler of the first order and she loves my husband. She is currently sleeping on the bed. She also wants to play with all the dogs at our house. We do not know who she would be with another in-charge female. She is unknown with cats or with children.

Dec 2008: Gina lost her home of several months due to a house sale but this turned out to be good timing for all and with her new family comes the new name of Scarlett. Sarah had just begun the search for another vizsla after the loss of their well-loved vizsla, Sophie. One dog can never replace another but Scarlett certainly found herself a well-trained vizsla family! Scarlett's new family includes kids who adore her as much as she does them.

Note: Thanks to help from malamute rescue, Karen our Boise foster home and Anita from 2nd Chance in Fruitland, Scarlett found rides all the way from SLC to Hermiston OR where she was met by her new family. It's really all about team work.

Jan 2010, Sarah writes: Scarlett continues to be a very active member of our family. Last week I arrived at my 8 year old's school to see a board that was about "What I am thankful for". There was a tag that said "I am thankful for my dog Scarlett" with a drawing of Scarlett. I have attached photos of Scarlett at the beach, with her birthday meat loaf, camping, eating ice cream after a hike, Christmas and sledding.

This summer we took her camping and she LOVED it. We were certain that the entire campground would know her name because of us having to call her back, tell her to get off the table, etc. The opposite was true - she was so well behaved, loved by all and tired. She actually would politely make the rounds at the camp fire and then head in to sleep - that is not our social girl. It was understandable since she spent all day running and/or hunting chipmunks.

She hates the rain which makes Portland winters hard. She actually sits with the back door open and cries at the rain. Then she barks at it to go away. She does however love the snow. It snowed one day in Portland and she was in heaven. We took her up sledding and snow shoeing and she could not get enough of it. I am excited because she makes a pretty good snow shoeing partner. We hope all is well with you.

Jan 2012, Sarah writes: It has been another big year for Scarlett. This past April she got a dog brother - his name is Billy and he is a Pug. We figure he is a month or two older than Scarlett so she is still the baby of the family. While in many ways they are very different, they could not love each other more. When he arrived we set his crate up and a few weeks later we moved it next to Scarlett's. During some rearranging, we moved them apart again. Billy refused to go into his crate, he laid down next to Scarlett's then went into her crate. Needless to say we reworked things so they are next to each other. He was devastated during her annual vet exam when she left without him. I can't wait to see how he responds when she is gone for a full day to have her teeth cleaned. She loves having a playmate and somebody to pal around with. We often say that we got our velcro dog her own velcro dog. A few months after Billy arrived we entered the dogs in the neighborhood street fair's pet costume contest. The dogs were fish and one human child was a mermaid while the other was a pirate. They took first and second place! So now they are officially the king and queen of Overlook. Scarlett continues to be the fastest dog at the park. Others think their dog will be faster then they see her run. Yesterday it looked like a dog might beat her, Scarlett caught on, had a little look of panic and turned on the turbo. She is slightly competitive. She continues to be a happy dog and we continue to be happy people. She might say if I really loved her we would move to the beach since that is her happiest place.

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