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Scarlett is a 1-2 yo female possible V/GSP mix. She was rescued from a Utah shelter when her id tags and tattoo could not be traced. Scarlett is a sweetheart that has not let her many life changes cloud her happy attitude. She is in a foster home with older children and dogs big and small but does not do well with cats. She is an athletic and active girl. She is not a fence jumper or big digger. She does like chew toys and probably would chew on furniture if not watched. She will make someone an excellent companion. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls. Scarlett needs obedience training but is a fast learner and wants to please. She has a natural tail, dews still on, her coat is gloss chocolate with red highlights. She has a typical V saddle in color. Her ears are too short for a vizsla but her build is very athletic and vizsla like.

Sage (was Scarlett) waited for a long time for her perfect humans to find her and take her home. Her new family finds her totally adorable, very strong, and exceptionally smart. She is going to classes at Lead Me On training and getting trained on a Gentle Leader. She has learned sit, stay, shake, come and heel (of course the discretion of place and events). She has been to Moab hiking and camping and gets to go running and biking every day. A good dog is a tired dog for sure!

Jul 2016: Cassi writes: I have some sad news. My sweet Sage passed away 2 nights ago on July 13th. I am truly and completely heartbroken. She has been part of my family for over 12 years. I have a huge hole in my heart that I'm afraid will never be filled. Sage was my first baby. We adopted her from you right after Clint and I got married. Thank you for bringing her to us and allowing us to take care of her. She passed from a seizure with us by her side. I am so grateful I could be with her until the end. I think she was almost 14 years old. My Dad gave me the sweetest note, I wanted to share it with you and the other rainbow bridge readers. His words gave me so much comfort. "I am so sorry, if it is any comfort I believe our beloved companions will be part of our eternal existence. She was a creation without judgement and will always be an expression of love. She will be missed". I've attached a picture. This was taken right after my son was born in the summer/fall of 2009. We were up on a hike behind the house. This is how I will remember her. So strong, beautiful, and young- and so so full of energy. (Visit Sage at The Bridge.)

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