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Packer is a choc lab/vizsla mix who was owner released to a shelter because they were moving and couldn't take him. He is a tall thin boy at 62-lbs with the shorter coat of a vizsla and a roo-roo to match, doesn't know a stranger, is a high-drive fetching machine, good with kids, cats and dogs of all sizes, friendly & outgoing, impeccable house manners, comes to call on a trail, crate trained. Some of the commands he knows are SIT, DOWN, KENNEL UP, WAIT (at the door), DROP IT. The shelter thought he was 2-yrs old (no doubt because he is full of puppy energy) but our vet thinks he is closer to 5-yrs old based on his teeth. His intake form said good with kids of all ages, dogs, cats and livestock but we think he may too rambunctious for very young children. He has reportedly been hunted. Packer is looking for a home with an active family that will take him hiking, running, camping, hunting, etc as opposed to being an *at home dog* because this dog is just sure the entire world there to be his buddy!

Dec 2005: Lauren had been dogless since losing Cadbury in 2003 but a career change had kept her busy...until she saw Packer on our website. He seemed the perfect match because, while he is every bit the character Cadbury was, he doesn't look like him and has a whole new set of antics to entertain and amuse. Much like her trip to Salt Lake City to get Cadbury in December 1998, Lauren & Bo made their way through snow storms and winter weather to meet Rebecca and Packer in lovely Rock Springs, WY. With his CO citizenship came a new name, Satchel, and a whole new lease on life! It seems the chocolate vizsla is coming into his own as an only dog and is enjoying his new life in Colorado. On days that Lauren works he runs errands with Bo or goes to doggie day care and the rest of the time is spent figuring out which will be the toy of the day and entertaining his new mom. Lauren writes: I couldn’t have found a more different dog than Cadbury but yet a dog that has already wiggled his way into my heart.

Jul 2011: On July 4th Satchel had an emergency splenectomy for a mass on his spleen. It was risky even for a young dog but Satchel pulled through and thankfully the test results showed no cancer so the boy appears to have defied the odds. Give the smiling boy a big hug from his friends in Idaho & Utah. (new pics of Satchel & Nimbus)

Sep 2013: We received the sad news from Lauren that Satchel had to be put down after a short struggle with recurring pain that couldn't be managed. As much as we wish they could stay with us forever, sometimes we have to make the hard choice to let them go and be at peace and free of pain. Thank you Lauren for the great life you gave to Satchel. We're pretty sure he was on a mission to come live with you in Colorado... he loved the snow, the toys and his spoiled happy life! (Visit Satchel at The Bridge.)

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