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Sandy was pulled from the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter on 12/23/03. It was her Christmas present to be alive and playing with Ritter until her new family found her. She appears to be a littermate of the Kansas litter of V/lab mix pups and a twin to Alta but we know that is not possible!! She was housetrained, crated trained, and very well behaved so we cannot understand why her family did not come and look for her. Sandy's new family was thrilled to find her as they called and went to the shelter only to find out that she was gone. They were good enough to pass along our name to the family and Sandy soon went home to be buddies to Elvis and Gypsy. Her new family has nothing but raves for her and are so glad they searched for her. Sandy, be kind to "Queen" Gypsy and don't be too hard on Elvis. You will soon be much bigger than him but he is not a pushover just cause your a cutie pie girl!!

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