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Rebels Pride Samson was born July 4, 2000, is AKC registered, neutered, and current on shots. Samson is a BIG boy at 25 inches and 77 lbs and is now on a diet. He was owner released to rescue because he does not want to be a yard dog and would escape to go play with kids or other dogs on a regular basis. He will jump a short fence or climb chain link. He was born with entropian eyes on both sides (eye lid turns under) but that has been corrected. Sampson was raised around young children 1-7 yo and adores them. He also loves to play fetch and will bring it back time after time. When on camping trips they would throw the ball as far in the brush as they could and he always came back with the ball and a little pride in his step. Samson wants to be an indoor lap dog, is very attention needy and will be a typical velcro V at all times. He is crate trained and began learning house manners in foster care but he had very few issues to speak of.

Samson was lucky to find a family that was not detered by his stately size and the fact that he wants to be a lap dog. He was also very lucky to find a ride all the way to Denver with Jacque Bell of CO Vizsla Rescue. Thanks Jacque for taking aboard this big hitchhiker!! And Scott and Angie -- welcome to the wacky world of Vizsla ownership!!!

Scott writes: I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy having him be a part of our family. He is really starting to settle in. Max (the cat) and Samson are getting along much better than the first few days. Samson wants to play with Max, but Max just will sit there and ignore Samson. Samson will start to talk (howl and moan) and Max just turns his head up at him. It really is quite amuzing to watch. He found himself a new toy which he loves even more than the ball. We got him one of those soft frisbees that he will chase down until he is completely exhausted. Once again I just wanted to thank you again for getting us set up with Samson. He is a real joy.

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