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Okay, so Sam isn't a vizsla but the vizslas here all wish she was so she would quit whacking them in the face with her tail when she does the imitation vizsla butt wiggle... or maybe they're just jealous because she has a tail and they don't! Sam is an 12-18 mo old female English pointer who was due to be pts after only a 3-day hold at a rural shelter. She's liver & white and a petite 40-lbs, excellent with all people, dogs and cats. She is very social and outgoing and aims to please so she's a really quick learner. In her foster home she's learning about crate training, walking on a leash, wait, off and life with cats. Sam is full of puppy energy but she settles down nicely in the house, doesn't counter cruise and is not a barker. She is reportedly noise-shy and we have not evaluated her for hunting but she is not the least bit shy about meeting new people, dogs, kids or car rides so if you're looking for a high energy companion with a great attitude, Sam might be your gal!

Update Aug 2004: In August, Sam got a new home and a new name, Seeley. Chris & Mary-Britt were looking for a dog to add to their pack as companion and play buddy for Chester, a 13-mo old shorthair, who had a reputation among family and friends as a bit of a wild child. After lining him out upon arrival at her new home Seeley seems to be fitting in well and they can love Chester even more now that he has someone else to help him burn off energy. Chris is a hunter and will work with a trainer to help Seeley overcome her fear of guns so that she can do what she really loves to do.... HUNT. If she learns not to be afraid of guns then she will hunt and if not she will be a hiking buddy and pal.

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