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Jun 2013: Original story: Karat aka Ender is an high energy 3 yo neutered male, tail docked, dews off, 45 lbs. He was turned into the shelter because the owner died so he has been in at least two homes. He is a happy boy who is very smart, food motivated and trainable. Ender is housetrained, very busy, birdy, strong and athletic. He must be in a home with NO CATS and is not a dog that can be left in the yard alone during the day. He does well with other dogs including the toy poodle in his foster home. His foster home has a neighbor dog that barks and runs the fence and Ender ignores him. He loves to jump on couches and beds but will get off when told. He is sleeping on a dog bed in the bedroom and is being crate trained when people are not home. Like most Vizsla he does not like being alone and will whine if left alone in a room. Ender is very friendly with all adults and too much so at times as he jumps up to greet people so this will take some training and attention. We think he would do best in a home without small children just due to his activity level as he may knock a child flat without even thinking. He knows sit, off, lay down, and some tricks like shake, sits up on his hind quarters and begs, will dance around in a circle on his hind legs, and probably other tricks we have not found yet. He wants very much to please and is sensitive to correction. He is walking with a Gentle Leader and does fine, not so great without it as he pulls hard. He will counter surf for food so put away those cakes and cookies! Because he is very birdy and would go after a cat, he has not been off leash but he loves to go for walks and would make a good walking, running, or hiking buddy.

Jun 2013 update: Sammy aka Karat/Ender is home and is doing great. His family reports they have bonded over a couple of runs and some training already. Sammy checks under every bed and every car for cats, but he's never going to find one downtown :) He likes the birds squirrels and other dogs in the parks and on the trails. He's sleeping great and is calm after exercise. He was particularly fantastic in the car -- made us wonder if his first owner was a truck driver. Sammy is very sweet and cuddly. Pet stores and outdoor dining are still too exciting but doing better with restaurants even after the first experience. Sammy got to test out the waters of the Oregon coast to boot. He is going on daily runs and can really go for miles. On the beach he got some off leash time and came to call and even ducks his head through the halter when it is time for be leashed up. He still has lots and lots of energy and is not noticeably tired after a 7 mile run, but he is calm and affectionate and sleeps when we get home. The photos we have received seem to show a theme -- Sammy has adopted every couch, chair and bed in the house :) Looks like we picked well and Sammy is one happy boy.

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