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Sammy is an approx 6-mo old liver shorthair or possible vizsla/shorthair cross. He spent several weeks at a southern Idaho shelter but never found quite the right home and we are hopeful a little different exposure will help him find that forever home. How could we pass this face by? He appears to be social with other dogs and people of all ages but, as a young pointer, he is very active and needs a home that can keep up with him.

Sammy found the perfect home with the Dinges family... kids to love, boating, trails to hike and maybe even some bird hunting in his future. What more could a bird dog dream of?

July 2009, Dave writes: Just thought that Sam may have run through your mind. I know he is running through our backyard. He is doing great and has found his place in the family. I think his favorite thing is the sprinkler in the back he just loves it. So i just had to send you a picture of him with it. Any how things are great just wanted to send you alittle update.

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