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Original story:
Puddy is an 8-yr old purebred female (b. 5/1/1999) who was owner turned in to a local shelter due to life changes that required too much time away from home. She is reportedly good with kids, cats and other dogs. We don't know about kids but we can attest to her being good with cats and dogs because she is great with the wild bunch at her foster home. Puddy is friendly with dogs and people, house broken, crate trained, loves car rides and dining out on the patio at your favorite watering hole. She is an all around very well adjusted girl and on the smaller side at about 45-lbs.

May 2007: In May we were contacted by Roxane who had recently lost Rafer to complications of old age. One dog can never replace another but, in this case, Puddy is so different that we don't think there will be much opportunity for comparisons. Both Roxane & Connor are having to re-learn about life with girl dogs... who are always in charge, Connor! Puddy got a new name to go with her new life... Salus (sa-loo). It seems she sneezes a bit and, in some cultures, people respond to a sneeze with "salus" much the way we say "bless you". Salus also means "health" and is often the response to a toast at parties. We think it suits her well!
Salus writes: i've been here just over a week and am loving it!! it took me a few days to get used to connor's antics - i told him off a few times. the look on his face was priceless. but we are playing and chasing in the apartment, and hogging the bed. connor showed me how to stretch out in bed .... and that if we do it right, we can get mom to fall out of bed!! course mom wasn't too happy with us a few days ago ..... we started rough housing in bed, at 5 am. boy, mom gets kinda grumpy and cranky in the morning!! guess what?!! i had my first taste of prime rib - it's so good!! connor says it was in celebration of my being adopted!!
people at the park think i'm very pretty but they can't tell us apart... tee hee. there was a couple - their first time at the park. they said that we were such 'calm' vizslas. everyone in earshot laughed, even mom. 5 minutes later, connor and i were running around like crazy.

June 2007 - Salus writes: peanut butter brother is a goof!! he's back to digging for moles and gophers in the park; he hadn't done that since rafer went to the bridge. mom has taken us through the wooded trails in the park ..... connor has a blast running through all the ivy, etc. i tried following him but why do that when i can take the trails?!! lol.

people at the park say i'm very much like rafer, in that i'm a mama's kid. i don't stray far from where ever mom is. and i get a little concerned if i don't see her right away. and i'm like rafer in finding treats on people, except that i'm more subtle. i just sit and stare.... people tell me that rafer wouldn't sit but would nudge the pocket until he got treats!! and then he'd follow people to make sure that he got all the treats, not just one or two!!

last nite we all got into bed; i curled up on my left side. connor laid next to me, also on his left side; our heads were pointing the same way. connor laid his right leg over my shoulder; it was so sweet. i gave him a kiss on the ear!!

Sept 2012: Salus passed away from complications of old age. She handled it with grace and dignity as she did everything in life. Thanks for giving Sweet Salus a great life, Roxane. Visit Salus at The Bridge.

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