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Salina is an approximate 4 yo female who was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. She has a docked tail but dews still on. She has some eyelid moles starting to show and a little grey on her face but the vets feel she is only 4 years old. Salina was very very underweight when she arrived and has been eating 4 small meals a day of wet and dry food to get some meat on her bones. Salina walks wonderfully on lead and for the first few days would not use the back yard to potty but waited for a leash walk. She is now using the back yard and uses the doggy door if someone else goes out into the yard. But it is possible that she was leash walked in her former life. She can sniff items off the counter and she can be vocal especially when dinner is about to be served. Salina is most interested in being with people. She is not too interested at this point in playing with the other dogs but she is fine with them around. She loves to snuggle on the couch and be held and be warm. She sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom and needs to be covered with a blanket or towel to keep warm. She answers to her name and is great little dog. She did seem concerned at the school yard with the kids so we are not sure she had been exposed to children and she is unknown with cats. Salina on the first day I met her was scared, timid, shedding her coat, dirty, and very sad. In just a week she is a new dog with the sadness leaving her eyes and getting to know what love is all about. If you can continue this for her and make her forgot her past then Salina may be the dog for you.

Nov 2007: Salena came into rescue as one sick and lonely little girl. It did not take long for her to start eating, getting a shine in her eyes, and learning to carry around prize toys. She had good teachers in Fritz, Sophie and Mini Me. However, we must admit that the Calney gang is our first 4 time foster home failure. It just seems that once a dog arrives at their home it never leaves and Salena is no exception. So your gang gets and F+, that's for the fantastic care you give your dogs and for friendship and first place four adopters in our group. Thanks so much for allowing Salena to be home sweet home with the fantastic four.

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