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Sage of Wittelsbach was born 11/30/00 with an AKC pedigree. She came into rescue as a much loved pet but one that did not enjoy the avid attention of small children. She has great manners and knows a lot of obedience commands, is great off lead, is housetrained and crate trained. She does sail over a 6 foot fence and loves to chew -- but a girl has to have her vices.

The Bush family had an application on file and they have a 2 yo male Vizsla that needed a playmate and running buddy. So the Bush family went to meet Sage and fell in love. Sage is now happily running their 1/2 acre yard, taking big runs on the weekends at a hunting training center, and being loved by their 13 yo son. We decided the Bush family was perfect when the application admitted that they "have trained dogs to hunt and to obey basic commands .... although the training has yet to yield the perfect dog!" Dogs like people are never perfect -- but they are the perfect place for Sage.

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