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Nope. I'm not a vizsla but I sure fooled the people at the shelter! I'm a 4-yo redbone coonhound and while I have a pretty red coat like a vizsla, I personally think I have a prettier tail, prettier ears and a prettier voice... that's MY opinion anyway! I am very shy and noise sensitive but sweet as sweet can be and I can bay (Barroooooooo). I'm also housebroken and know basic commands. I lost my home when my military family was transferred and I just want a home of my own again. I like nice kids, I am good with cats and I would love a home with another dog! You can read more about my breed at Redbone coonhound.

Update: On 6/21 Sadie, Abe, and Pink loaded up with Rebecca for a road trip to CO. They spent the first night with Deva and then went to Grand Junction to meet Sadie's new dad. Matt reports that Sadie is already happily sleeping in the bed and is a really well behaved dog. She will get to go to work with dad some days and will spend others at home just warming up the couch. We don't think Matt has got to hear that baayyy yet but do enjoy your "honorary Vizsla" who does not at all sound like a V.

Oct 2003 - Matt writes: She has become very social and loves to hang out and get love when I have a house full of people. She loves long hikes and visits from her other doggy friends. She takes regular trips to the neighborhood park where she gets plenty of romping time with her pals in the neighborhood. My how she loves to play chase! She is so fast! There was a period recently where she would often get spooked on walks, not wanting to go inside sometimes, and even not wanting to go out at all! With patience and encouragement she is quickly getting past this. Everyone loves her and admires her beauty, manners, and puppy-like playfulness. They especially love the hound dog howl. YES, she finally barked for me! She loves to do this when playing with other dogs and sometimes when we have visitors.... Thanks again for helping me find Sweet Sadie.

Mar 2004 - Matt writes : I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Sadie is still doing great. She is a totally different dog than she was when I first got her. Very warm, loving, and affectionate, even with strangers. She is doing a lot better in new situations, especially when I am around. I had to go out of town unexpectedly recently, and I left her with some friends. Sadie has been to their house before, and they have a giant Chocolate Lab that is about twice Sadie’s size. She made a new friend and did very well in her new surroundings.

Aug 2005 - Matt writes : I just wanted to let you know that I took Sadie camping for the first time since she has lived with me. I have always been hesitant because she is so fearful of thunder and lightning. However she has gotten a lot better with it. Where she used to get completely traumatized and find the nearest hiding place (under a rock, or in a hole), now she just runs straight home and waits for me at the front door. She is a lot less timid and fearful in general, a much more confident dog. So anyway we had a great weekend with some other folks and her dog friend Bud. I've attached a picture. Hope you are well. New photo

May 2008: Attached is a fairly recent picture of Sadie for her photo gallery. She continues to do wonderfully and I continue to wonder what life was like before her.

Dec 2010: Things are going well with the V-Hounds. Rebah is doing great and her & Sadie are great friends. I often find them snuggling together. I'll send you a picture when I get the chance.

Dec 2013: We received news today the Sadie passed away peacefully after attempts to manage some rather stubborn recurring growths were not successful. We believe Sadie was 15 yrs old. She was a grand girl, Matt, and you made her life more than she could have ever thought! We know it will hurt for some time but think about all the good times to make your smile. Thank you for her wonderful full life. (Visit Sadie at The Bridge.)

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