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Sadie is a 5-yr old purebred vizsla in the Tacoma WA area. She was born 9/1/2002 and raised with another dog. She is in foster care with a male and a female vizsla but has an in-yer-face body slamming play style that isn't always appreciated by other dogs. She is a master cuddler and has good house manners but needs work on leash walking, etc. She is very bad with cats so a no cat home is a must for this girl. She has not been evaluated for hunting but does not appear to be gun shy but she must be a family member first and hunter second. If you are looking for a companion hunter, running partner and buddy, Sadie might be your girl! Sadie prefers a home near Tacoma WA so that her foster dad can assist with her transition to a new home.

Sadie spent several months in foster care with Robin and his two vizslas, Sadie #1 and 'Bas. Guess she was being picky and when her perfect home came looking for her in February 2008 she was ready to roll. After a get acquainted visit from the humans in Tacoma (where she completely sold herself to Mark!) Robin & crew made the trip to her home near Vancouver WA to get Rocky's approval as well. Rocky wasn't too sure about his new sister at first we are sure he will love having a V sister to run and play with.

Feb 2008, Cheryl writes: Sadie seems to be adjusting well to the couch and does not seem to have any problems sleeping in our bed. Rocky still has a twist in his tail when they are inside but they are getting along fine when they are outside. We are already starting to work on leash manners and heeling. She will come when called when she is inside but outside is another matter. Mark had to walk her down a couple of times until he learned that she is not ready to be out without a leash yet. We think she is very sweet and she seems to be a good learner. Robin warned us that she has strong predator urges and I confirmed that this morning when she saw birds in the yard. This is a great dog and she seems to be happy here. We are charmed and we think she likes us too!

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