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Sadie was born in June 2001, exact day unknown as AKC papers were lost. She is about 22 inches, tail docked, dews off, 45 lbs. She is a bit too thin but we are working on that. Sadie spent her first few years running on a 120 acre family farm. She was not hunted but loves to chase birds. She in unknown with cats but likes other dogs. She is being crate trained and brushing up on house manners. She has been around kids and does well. Sadie can reportedly open lever handle doors and did dig out of an outside chain link kennel to follow her people. She is good on car rides and did well at the vet. Sadie sleeps on a doggie bed next to the her humans. She really likes men and is still a very playful and perky girl. For the past year she has not gotten much attention due to the death of her man human and serious illness of her mom human. None of the other family members wanted Sadie so she spent a lot of time chained to the front porch with others feeding her. Sadie gets nervous during thunder and lightening. She loves bread and stole some off the counter to have herself a snack! She loves to join you on the couch for a snuggle during movies. She needs a secure yard and training on recall before she is allowed off leash.

July 2006: It was Sadie's face that hooked Gene long distance. He had been looking to adopt a Vizsla and with the help of the AZ rescue coordinator, a home visit was completed. Gene and his son and grandson made a trek to UT to get Sadie. They also helped out Thatcher to get back to us by giving him a ride to UT from AZ. Sadie now has two homes, one in the city and one in the mountains. She has squirrels and birds of all shapes and sizes to keep her busy -- and a busy perky girl she is. All who meet her want to know what kind of dog she is and being a loveable girl she greets everyone. She is good on leash walks and loves to play. She has made her nest in the closet on a quilt and yet she is a lap dog to anybody that has a lap. Take good care of Sadie Sue and we are sure she loves her new life of being with her people.

Dec 2012, Gene & Maggy write: Sadie is doing well. Just got over an inner ear infection. We have a two story house with a balcony off the master bedroom. Sadie was standing on a chair front feet on the railing barking at a squirrel in the tree. I told her to come in instead she jumped over the railing ran across the roof at full speed... sailed off the roof and landed on the ground, a 10-foot drop. My first thought was VET bill $4,000.00. Next thing I see is Sadie barking at the squirrel in the tree... No injuries WOW! Maggy was walking Sadie to a neighbor's house to leave a package on the front porch. Sadie started barking and jumping at a window, Maggy looked in saw nothing, walked away Sadie pulled her back to the picture window barking and jumping she looked in and saw the stove was on fire. I broke in a window with a garden hose and had the fire out before the fire dept arrived. Sadie saved their house... Our neighbors LOVE SADIE! We enjoy Sadie very much, she adds a lot to our lives, loves Show Low lots of squirrels and the out doors. She is a true rescue dog.

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