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Original story: Sadie is a 2-4 yr old purebred vizsla, tail docked a bit too short and she is a big-boned gal at 56-lbs. She is timid in new situations but recovers quickly and has one of the most wonderful temperaments we have ever seen. Despite her fear she shows no inclination to be a fear biter. She loves everyone and is not afraid to look you in the eye so we believe she will make someone a fine companion if they are willing to work with her to build her confidence when she is away from her home turf. She is housebroken, we are working on crate training and she needs basic obedience (no jumping, walking on lead, etc). She is good with other dogs, a little too curious about the cat, too rambunctious for young children, more fearful of men than women and is very noise-shy so will not be a hunter. Sadie is not your typcial dainty vizsla girl but rather the bull-in-a-china-shop variety. Having another dog around seems to boost her confidence enormously and we believe she will do best in a home with another dog.

Feb 2005: Sadie's home found her when Robin came looking for a buddy to help fill the hole in his heart that was left when he lost his Bear. She will be an only dog but his work schedule allows for him to take her virtually everywhere with him while she learns about her new world and there will be plenty of dogs to play with on the beach and at the park. Be a brave girl, Sadie, and trust your new dad to protect you and teach you confidence.

Apr 2005: New photos added.

Jan 2007: Sadie got a new vizsla brother this year when Robin also adopted Bas.

Sep 2010: Sadie's dad had a drastic change in work schedule and, after Bas passed away, the long work hours were difficult for Sadie. Robin made the difficult decision to let us find her a new home. Having lost both Cooder & Gracie in the past year, Rachel & Mark took Sadie in as a buddy for their young vizsla Henry and in true V fashion, she wasted no time settling in.

Nov 2010, Rachel writes: We had some crazy weather last week so we took some shots of the dogs playing together in the frigid temperatures. They are so cute together. They are best of friends... inseparable. Itís really cute to watch them snuggle on the couch together. You would think they were bonded since birth.

Dec 2016: Added new photo of Sadie with Hurley & V sister, Ruby.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more pictures of both Sadie & Bas.

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