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Sadie was owner released to the Humane Society March 3, 1999. The man who brought her in gave the reason of not being obedient enough. When the shelter worker tried to take her away he backed her into a corner and she bit him. She was labeled as "unadoptable, male hater, biter". The Humane Society called me to ask if they should destroy her or if I was willing to take her since they could not release her to the general public. After her 10 day quarantine Daryl and I went to see her. She sailed out into the exercise pen, into his lap and washed his face. Of course she came home.

While in foster care we learned she loved dogs, people, couches, beds, sticks, toys and of course food. Sadie "a.k.a. Girlfriend" did manage to get a gash on her leg, we are still trying to figure out how, that required stitches, an E-collar, and a plastic bootie to keep her foot dry in the snow. She hated the stitches and bandage. Not even bitter apple or pepper sauce deterred her from chewing. After about 7 days, while we turned our back for a second, she deftly removed the bandage and all the stitches in about a minute. The vet decided she had won and replaced it with some butterfly strips.

Sadie had an extended stay with us so that her new mom could help her daughter take care of the family in Kansas while her son was involved with military service in Albania. Sadie flew to Pat Beach and her new life in Le Grand, CA on May 20. Sadie selected Julio as the person to wait for and when he arrives home from college she presents him with a gift. Pat's brothers and others in the family have all met her and fell in love. Sadie also loves teddy bears to collect, chew on, play with and destroy.

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