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Rusty was born August 2001. He is from AKC parents but price of the pup was double if the breeder registered the litter so he does not have papers. Proper tail dock, dews off. He was owner released due to the family moving to San Francisco and not being able to find an apartment/house where they could keep him. Rusty has been raised with young children and the ones in the photos are neighbors of the foster home. Rusty has showed no inappropriate behavior even with toddlers who are strangers. Rusty is also very bird motivated which shows in the pictures. He is very high energy, and learning house manners and the word "calm". Rusty is a lover and loves leash walks but needs training as he drags any walker. Rusty is playful with other dogs but might be a bit too much for an older dog. He has done well with both males and females but still tends to try and hump as he was recently neutered but it is getting better. We suspect he is not good with cats.

The Lewis family reports that Rusty has become a part of the family. He gets visits often from Steiner and Brian and he loves to romp and wrestle with Steiner. He is learning to run on lead with John and other family members. The little dogs still think he is quite the monster but they are getting more comfortable with him. Rusty has proven he is not reliable off lead and gave them quite the scare and the chase was on - but they got him back before he decided to get on the golf course! Have fun with your new running partner and family friend. With references from Steiner and Lucky - how could you not become a Vizsla family!

Update Nov 2003: Rusty got a new play buddy this month when Suzy joined his extended family.

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