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Original story, Feb 2013: Sir Rusty Lord of Cully (b.11/26/2000, sire: Lone Junipers Cedar SN295956/04, dam: Bentz Royal Red Chilli SN355871/02) came into rescue at the age of 12 years due to his inability to adjust to long work days. He was becoming more anxious about time alone and, like all of us, his needs changed as he aged and he could no longer manage a 9-hr work day alone. He is a little worried about being left alone but is adapting well to the new routines in his foster home. He gets along beautifully with all dogs, people & cats, has good house manners (oh, what's a little counter cruising here & there!), loves to be with his people and is content to sleep on a floor pillow if you can convince him there is no room in the bed... really? Rusty is one of those never-met-a-stranger kind of dogs with a rock solid temperament and a great outlook on life.

Rusty suffers from lifelong but relatively mild allergies and has seizures that are well controlled with daily low-dose phenobarbitol. He would love a home with people who are home a lot or, even better, can take him with them most places because he does love to go, another dog and who can manage his diet with a grain free food and provide regular grooming and inexpensive daily medication. He is current on basic vax, microchipped and just had a senior blood panel (all good), dental and 2 lipomas removed thanks to the VCA Welfare Foundation and the Vizsla Rescue Fund. Thanks also to The Downtown Hound for helping with Rusty's daycare while he got settled into foster care and waited for his forever home.

Apr 2013: When we took Rusty in as a 12-yr old with seizures and allergies we barely dared to dream he would find a loving home of his own but we know now that dreams really do come true. Everyone who met Rusty loved him instantly and their only hesitation was that they might not have enough time with this great soul. Becky & Todd grabbed the gold ring and committed to making every minute of the rest of his life everything he could ever dream of. He will live out his life sleeping in bed with his people, playing fetch with his kids, hiking with his 7-yr old big baby brother vizsla, Trout, and maybe even hunting with dad in the fall. Dogs don't come any happier than Rusty and sometimes we aren't sure if we are their guardian angels or them ours. Thank you Becky & Todd for giving Rusty his dream family.

May 2013, Rusty writes: Hi Penny! Today I went to the spa for a treatment. It's a little rough here sometimes, but i like it. :) Miss u! Xo Rusty

Jun 2012: It's about time we sent you some photos. Rusty is doing very well, eyes, ears and allergies have not been a problem. He seems to be content with us, as if he had always been ours, and we are so grateful to have him. As you had described he is such a sweet and loving vizsla. He has also managed to steal a few things off the counter and we learned quickly to keep all the closet doors closed or he will find dog treats in the pockets of jackets he somehow manages to get off the hangers. He and Trout are getting along well and definitely enjoy each others company when we are gone. Rusty and Trout were just at the doggy day spa yesterday and have a picture posted on the spa's facebook page. You can see them at the "Hot Paws Pet Spa and Boutique" Facebook page.

Nov 2013, Becky writes: On the eve of his 13th b-day, Rusty assists with the hunt. He is loved & adored - doing great! (What more can a bird dog ask for... kids, couches and birds to hunt!)

Jan 2015, Becky writes: Our precious Rusty became an angel today. Our time with Rusty was incredible. We loved and adored him - truly and completely. He was generally in excellent health until the fall came and he started to experience changes in his eating behaviors and was losing weight. Several trips to the vet followed and we found his pancreatic and liver enzymes to be alarmingly high and our vet felt pretty confident Rusty had a cancer process going on in his GI tract. We made the decision to transition him as hospice patient and care for him at home. During the last few months we had several 'good' and 'great' days sprinkled with some 'not-so-good' days in which case Todd and I would tend to him in the comfort of home. We were able to administer fluids and medications in the scruff of his neck so we didn't have to try to force pills on him when he was nauseous and not feeling well. During this time, Rusty continued to amaze us with his beautiful, sweet disposition and his desire to do normal life things he enjoyed so much. We were able to take almost daily short walks and he was still able to get up on his couch and sleep in bed with us at night. The last few days things took a dramatic turn. Rusty became extremely weak and was unable to get up and walk short distances unassisted. He had old blood coming out of his back end. Although he didn't seem to be in pain, we did not want him to suffer a heart attack or stroke from the obvious major blood loss he was experiencing. He passed cradled in our arms today at the vet and it was peaceful. To say we loved him was an understatement. He was a huge part of our family and daily life, we loved and adored him so. I want to thank you so very much for allowing us the privilege to have him. Rusty was so very special and will live on in our hearts and be greatly missed. I know we will see him again, restored to health. I imagine he was quite the energetic vizsla in his youth… he was pretty darn energetic as a senior!! You will probably hear from us again when we have had some time to grieve and feel our hearts open to loving another rescue. Please visit Rusty at The Bridge.

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