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Rusty came into rescue at 18-mos (b 6/10/2008, sire: Guinness Noah, dam: LilAnne ) when his owner and breeder felt 3 vizslas were too much for a house in town and he wasn't wintering well with relatives on a rural acreage in southwest Idaho. Actually, he wintered okay but when the snow melted he wandered farther from the main house no doubt in search of new friends as vizslas are likely to do.

Apr 2010: Kate & Bill were quite happy being a one dog family but when we met Rusty and realized he had a connection to them (they had met him as a tiny puppy in his litter) we knew they would want to meet him. We also thought he was a pretty well-adjusted vizsla with decent recall so might fit easily into their lifestyle. He wasn't quite as easy as we thought he would be but after a short period of training for both them and him, Rusty finally settled in... or Kate & Bill did... and is proving to be a great playmate and friend to Ginger and all who meet him.

Feb 2011: New pictures added of Rusty & Ginger.

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