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Rusty (b. Dec 1997) is a purebred vizsla who spent most of his first 3 years in a crate in the garage and not nearly enough time with his family. Rusty is loving but he is a strong-willed dog needing an experienced owner who is consistent and patient. He is noisy and anxious when riding in the car, okay with cats and great with other dogs. He likes kids but has some guarding behaviors over treasured toys so is not a candidate for a home with children. He has some very deep-seated anxiety about the crate but he willingly sleeps in a crate at night or to escape from a pesky foster puppy. He is a perfect gentleman in the house and he responds well to training and praise and asks before getting up on the furniture, laps, etc and gets "off" on command. His adopter of 2+ years did a lot of leash work and basic obedience but he needs a little more work on off-leash recall. Rusty is a barker. We are hoping to find a home where he can be "just a dog" and get plenty of exercise.

Like most of us, Rusty is not without issues but he has as much heart as he has drive and he has come so far in the last 3 years that we don't intend to turn our back on him now. If you already have the perfect kiss-up vizsla and can make room in your heart for one less fortunate please ask us about Rusty. He cannot fly so a home in the western states is preferred and we are willing to drive him anywhere within a day's drive (400 miles?) of Boise to meet potential homes. (Rusty in in Boise ID) See more photos in the Photo Gallery.

Update Oct 2004: Rusty is making progress- traveling better in the car, crate training is improving, comes to call pretty well on a trail and shows good hunting ability. He still barks at doorbells on TV and at new things that scare him (like horses & cows) but has done well on a couple of road trips. He needs a home where he will get plenty of exercise and someone willing to provide a stable routine that he can count on. Rusty's sire and dam are Kristie's Buckaroo Banzai and Don's Copper Princess.

Update Dec 2004: Rusty turned 7-yrs old on December 14th. He continues to improve in some areas but is more resistant to being handled for nail trimming, etc. and has bitten in protest of such handling. Because he is good with other dogs he is still managable in his foster home so for now at least he is happy to have a couch to sleep on and other dogs to help him chase the pesky squirrels from the yard... and he would never turn down an opportunity to spend a few hours in the field with Frank.

Update Jun 2005: Rusty moved to the Vizsla Rescue Haven, a sanctuary in northern CA for "unadoptable" vizslas where he can live out his life with Kay who has the patience of Job and the vet behaviorist resources to work with his issues if anyone can.

Nov 2010: We just added a picture of Rusty taken just shy of his 13th birthday. He is not without issues but Kay reports he now asks for belly rubs and seems to be pleased with hismself and the life he has found. Thank you Kay for giving Rusty the chance no one else could. Please visit the Vizsla Rescue Haven to see how you can help other less fortunate vizslas like Rusty.

Jan 2012: New pictures added of Rusty who celebrated his 14th birthday on Dec 14, 2011. Much thanks to Kay & the Vizsla Rescue Haven for loving him despite, or perhaps because of, his issues.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Rusty.

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