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Original story, Mar 2012: Ruger is an approximate 5 yo male from a local shelter. The story is that the family who owned him gave him away a few months back and cannot remember to whom he went. Ruger is looking for a home that will love and keep him forever. He is 60 lbs of muscle, kisses, snuggles, and mischief. He is learning crate training and I would not leave him in a yard unattended as he wants to be with people. He does counter surf and will chew on some things if not watched so a crate is a must until he can be trusted. He is at my house with 5 other males and he gets along fine with the group. He does not mind sharing space and is not food protective. Ruger does have a fatty lipoma on his leg which could be removed with a future dental but at the moment it is not a worry. Ruger is unknown with cats and we do not know if he was hunted.

Nov 2012: Ruger has settled into life in NV with ease. He gets along great with the other male Vizsla in the home, enjoys the large yard, and the romps in the great outdoors. Leonard reports that all is well and it seems like he has been his dog forever.

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