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While Libby and Cedar were making their way to WA, Hogan was staying with Auntie Rebecca for a few weeks until Jennifer arrived from CA to her new home in UT. Hogan enjoyed playing with all the dogs, being crate and potty trained, and giving all the old dogs a good run. Jennifer tells me he is a joy but must have gotten into some bad sticks at her house and spent the second day tossing up his breakfast. He seems to have recovered fine and is back to being a vocal boy who loves laps, chasing shoelaces, and biting anything!

Below is the story behind Hogan and his siblings:

On August 19th I was alerted to an ad in the paper for 3/4 V and 1/4 retriever pups, 6 weeks old, for $25. I found out this was a repeat "accident" from a man who keeps kennel dogs, had a pup returned from an "oops" with his female V and he put the mixed female Shasta in with the male V. Shasta is not even 2 years old yet and has already had 2 litters. She had no shelter in her dirt kennel so had dug a den under a shed. We had to dig to get the pups out and Rudy, Celia, and Mickey Blue Eyes came home with me. I got permission to come back and get momma dog Shasta the next week. All 3 pups were full of worms and not in great shape. After weeks of vet care and a clean environment they were ready to find their homes. All 3 were scared to death of humans at the first but quickly became well socialized with humans and dogs. Cody is also an older brother to the pups.

Nov 2001 update: Hogan is growing like a weed, and mostly upward. 10-lbs in four weeks... he is now 36-lbs. I think he'll end up pretty tall. We found a great obedience trainer and are enjoying our learning very much. He is smart and sensative so if I screw up I am in trouble. He is the youngest in his class and by far the star. Okay, he is the star after he has gotten over his whining/barking tantrum because he isn't allowed off leash to play with the other dogs in the new class. In addition he gets to go to doggy day care two days a week. He loves this, and comes home good and exhausted.

Update Jan 2005: New photos.

Aug 2013, Jenn writes: It has been way too long and I am sorry for that. I wanted to let you know that we lost Hogan just a couple weeks ago to bone cancer. It was a quick one. Ted is very upset about the loss of Hogan (he had only a week to prepare), but man did that dog have a good life. He will be missed. Visit Hogan at The Bridge

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Hogan in his new home.

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