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Rudi, Lizzie and Oliver came into rescue as a result of a breeder who could not sell all the pups. Over the past couple of months there were at least 6 litters of Vizsla in the area and not enough buyers.

Rudi was the first to depart the gang. He caught a chauffer ride to Cheyenne with Daryl when he was driving to KS to get a litter of V/lab pups. His new mom managed to keep his arrival a total surprise from the entire family. She got up and went to the "gym" at like 4 am and drove up to get her new bundle of joy. His mom reports "Rudi is a cross between the smooth manipulation of Zsa Zsa Gabor and the intensity of Carl Lewis" -- boy does that describe a Vizsla pup. The black lab in the home is treating him well but Rudi manages to steal all the toys and the spotlight.

Oct 2004 update: Jessie says this new photo is a few months old but captures Rudi pretty well.

June 2007: We moved from Colorado to Pennsylvania in 2005 and have taken up residence next to a golf course that Rudi loves to patrol. Unfortunately, he likes to "zoom" through the sand traps so we have to spend time at the end of our walks raking them. We laughed when we read about his brother Oliver's dislike of a blue heron. Rudi also has an ongoing war with the blue heron who visits the pond on the course. (New pictures!)

Jun 2011: This is a very belated update of our email address and a newer picture of Rudi from the winter of 2010 - from the time we adopted him he lifted his paw like this to tell us he was cold. He doesn't get the zooms as often as he used to but he's doing great, still patrolling the golf course and keeping the deer, herons, rabbits, geese, ducks, and foxes (especially foxes) on their toes.

Jan 2013: Greg writes... Just thought you should know that our beloved Rudi (adopted Nov 2003) passed away earlier this week. It was very sudden and quick. Our vet suspected anaplasmosis or a spleen tumor rupturing. We miss him a lot but are grateful for the 9+ years we enjoyed with him. Thanks for bringing us together. Visit Rudi at The Bridge.

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