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Original story: Hi, I'm Ruby and, no, I am not even a vizsla wannabe. Best guess is I'm some combination of German pinscher or minpin with ??? but I'm not tellin' because I'm having too much fun keeping everybody guessing. I can tell you for sure I am waaaay too smart to be one of those silly bird dawgs and I have to tell ya' I have them all pretty well buffaloed in my foster home. I am an approx 4-yr old shorthaired all-American girl who lost my home of 2 years due to a move to an apartment, 18-inches at the whithers and 32-lbs. I love going for car rides, sleeping in laps or on the bed, I have pretty good recall and I'm completely housebroken. I have always lived with other dogs and I'm okay with them but I am not a dog park or doggie day care kinda girl because I find it really annoying when they get in my space without an invitation... and I'm quick to tell them so. Obviously I can get along with other dogs just fine but, maybe because I'm a little gal, I need to make sure they know I'm no pushover.

I only weigh 33-lbs and I don't pull very hard on a leash. I like cats just fine. I'm okay meeting little kids but I don't appreciate them hugging me and pulling my ears and I will also tell them so. Adults are fine but those little human puppies are a bit obnoxious. (Note: yes, we are vizsla rescue and we also handle the occasional "other bird dogs" but sometimes the Rubys of the world find their way to us for help. Ruby is one of those special little gems.)

Apr 2009: Ruby's dream home found her while shopping at her favorite store... Northwest Pets. Our sassy little girl is having a grand time training her new extended family (human and dog), sleeping on the bed and making sure mom knows how much she is appreciated. She is little sister to Bear and doing her best to help fill the hole in mom's heart that was left when Orion left their lives for happier times at The Bridge. Be kind to your new mom & new friends and don't be a pushy princess!

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