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Original story: Roza is estimated to be 7-8 years old and came to rescue as an unclaimed stray from a shelter. She is a small girl at about 20" and 35 lbs. She appears to like most other dogs and after giving the boys a snark for getting too much in her rear-end business, went into play bow mode. She may be more on the "in charge" side so if she is adopted as a second dog we would suggest a male companion. Roza is bouncy and energetic and prefers fast outdoor trips and then back inside. She has some scars on her face and body that are not new, has a small white star on her chest. She has some small moles around her eyelids and a little grey on her muzzle and under her chin. She has good body weight and muscle tone. Her tail is docked, dews off, spayed and microchipped. Roza suffered through a bath and is now curled up on the dog bed snoozing. Roza appears to be house trained with regular trips outside. She is crated while we are gone but we have left her in a bedroom, settled on the bed, for a couple of hours without incident. Roza jumped our 4 foot fence to go after the quail in the back of the yard so will need a good 6 foot fence and to NOT be left in the yard. We do not have children nor cats so I cannot tell you how she will be with them. If she was a hunting dog, cats may not be a good idea.

Jan 2013: Roza made the trek to NV with Daryl to meet his new family. She loaded up and took off for CA without a seconds hesitation. Her new mom and dad were all ready for her with new dogs beds, crate, and various supplies. Her new mom writes: We absolutely love her. She is exactly as you described. She was very calm on the way home except she really wanted to get in front with us. She was awake and alert, looking out the window until the last hour when she slept. After we got home I worked with her a little on the sit command. She is also beginning to learn stay with voice and hand command after sit. She so wants to please and seems to enjoy learning. I see what you mean about not leaving anything on the counters. Boy is she quick. We became a little complacent after we lost Misty. She is helping me become a better housekeeper. Paul requested a dog bed for his office. I put a fluffy rug in it and showed it to her. She stayed on it while he worked on his computer all afternoon. She loved their morning walk together. Thanks so much for such a wonderful gift.

Sep 2013: Hi Rebecca, We think of you often when we’re loving up on our little Roza (we renamed her Rusty, hope you don’t mind) and feel we are blessed to have her. She has become quite the ‘Daddy’s Girl’ (see picture). She certainly rules the roost. At night she sleeps in a crate in the family room and seems to prefer it while we are in the FR watching TV, but she now has a bed in just about every room. She likes to take naps in Paul’s office while he is working on the computer or in my office while I’m on the computer. She certainly is a ‘Velcro’ dog. She knows & obeys the command ‘go to bed’... of course that might be because we always give her a cookie.
In the morning she needs her loves and rubs her head on you while we pet her up, then turns and presents her butt for scratches..what a life. At times she will rub along the sides of the easy chair of end of the bed even. She is now very patient while we fix her meals; guess she has figured it out that one will take it away. She is very calm while taking her morning walks and never initiates interactions with other dogs, but will stand quietly if Paul stops to talk with others. She has never shown any aggression with people or other dogs. All our visitors fall in love with her. Sunday we took her with us to visit our son & family. She was totally Ok with a new environment and friendly and still with our 3 year old grandson. He is used to his other grandfather’s Vizsla Lincoln who is a little more rambunctious.
She loves going outside. When she starts racing around the house and jumping up and down like a pogo stick in the kitchen we know she wants out... not a potty break, just out. She loves going down to the barn to feed my horse Lilly. I let her off leash to do that, but tie her while I do my chores. She probably won’t run off, but there are lots of interesting things that might tempt her... like squirrels. Although we have a lot of wildlife (deer, turkeys, etc) she really doesn’t chase anything but cats and squirrels.
Thanks again for choosing us for Roza/Rusty’s forever home. She has brought us such joy.

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