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Rossi was owner released to rescue due to life changes. There was just a little too much puppy energy for his growing human family to manage and in the interest of all concerned, they asked us to help find Rossi a new home. Rossi was born 7/31/2008, sire: Sir "Fuzzy" Tornado; dam: Ms "Tess" Luckyzbalive. We found Rossi to be pretty well socialized with people of all ages but a bit too rambunctious and mouthy for young kids. He needed regular exercise, leash training and more structure in his life.

Aug 2009: Rossi found the home of his dreams with Steve & co near the beaches of Puget Sound. He will be little brother to Dale, a 14-yr old vizsla, who probably wishes he weren't quite such a brat but we all hope Rossi brings out the puppy again in Dale.

Dec 2011: Here are a few shots of Rossi with his new best friend, Martini. We got Martini from the folks at the Boston Terrier Rescue last year, a few months after our venerable old vizsla Dale passed on. Martini, 5 or maybe 6 now - is not very sociable with most dogs (he misbehaved terribly the few times I tried taking him to the off leash park) and he absolutely HATES cats, but he loves people... especially the neighborhood kids, and he REALLY loves Rossi... an attitude which is mutual as you can probably tell from these photos.

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