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Original story: Roma is an approx 7-yr old petite female vizsla/brittany mix, 40-lbs, dew claws off, tail docked and coat slightly longer than a vizsla but shorter than a brittany coat. She was adopted from a local shelter but thought hanging out in the yard all day without her humans was boring and kept escaping and taking herself for walks. She is crate trained, good with other dogs and cats, walks nicely on a leash. She adores meeting kids but, as a stray, we don't know that has ever lived with children. We do know she couldn't get enough of the kids or the agility training during a kids' day camp at IHS where Julie from Helping Idaho Dogs helped the kids learn about dog behavior and training. Roma is looking for a home where she can be inside when you are gone and your snuggle buddy when you are home... and she does want her next home to be forever. She would make an awesome hiking/running partner and her small size makes her a natural for traveling with you. She loves to ride in the car and was a great "motel camper" on a recent road trip to Seattle. We've taken her dining at sidewalk cafes, to pooch pool parties, hiking in the foothills with other dogs and she is one of those never met a stranger kind of dogs. Someone cared enough to teach her sit, down & loose leash walking but didn't claim her at the shelter.

Sep 2010: This is one awesome little all-American girl! She is rock solid with cats, great with dogs, good on a trail and adores children. She was also wonderful with all handling at a vet visit including having her ears cleaned. When I take her to my office she just plops down on the pillow and chills until asked to get up and go meet some more new friends.

Oct 2010 : Heather & Justin were looking for the perfect dog to slip into their active but busy lifestyle and Roma was ready made to fill the role. She already had all the manners, house trained, didn't jump on people, social with all people and most dogs, perfect age for an awesome running partner and calm enough for apartment life. Thanks guys for giving an older girl a chance to be "just a great dog"!

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