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In September 2000 we were contacted by English Springer Spaniel Rescue in MT about a Vizsla in the Missoula Humane Society. Two year old Rocket's owner and hunting companion had died recently and Rocket was not adjusting to his new life with his owner's hunting partner. For those who think dogs don't have ESP, the former family friend told us this story. The night his original man took sick he had a headache and Rocket got in bed with him and kept licking his head and neck. He got shooed out of the room so the fellow could rest. During the night he suffered a massive stoke and passed in his sleep. The wife of the man who passed could not cope as Rocket kept bringing her his hunting cap and shoes so she asked his friend to take him but he also had a male and they did not get along at all so he was given to the shelter who promised he would not be put down.

When Rebecca called around to see who could foster this boy, Jennifer mentioned that she had family up in ID and would drive the whole way up to MT to get this boy. So on 9/15/00 Jennifer, dogs, and kids took off on their 600+ mile trip. Jennifer's female Duchess loved the BIG boy right away as did the kids. So Rocket has stayed put and was adopted by Jennifer and family. Rocket has taken to sleeping on the bed and is a very protective boy of his new family. He gets along well with other dogs but his size, all 80 lbs of him, and bark will give anyone a scare until we warms up to them. Rocket is happy to be home and protecting his mom, kids and V girlfriend.

Nov 2012 Jennifer writes: I wanted to let you know that Rocket passed away last night at the ripe old age of 14. He was companion to 2 parents and 5 children. He was a gentle giant and capable protector. He was well loved and an amazing friend and dog to our family. We will miss him dearly. I thank you for the opportunity to work with UT/ID Rescue because if it wasn’t for that, we never would have had Rocket. We wish you and the rest of the rescue all the best. And send our love from both sides of the rainbow. Visit Rocket at The Bridge

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