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Robin is a spayed 10-12 mo old female Vizsla mix who was saved from a shelter. She was found as a stray. She has a natural tail and dew claws. She could have been named sweetHEART especially if you take note of the heart-shaped marking on her forehead. She is in foster care with other dogs, cats, and older children. She still needs time in foster care to assess her personality but if you are interested,

Robin came to the foster home sick from living in a shelter, and yet with a grin on her face. As is sometimes the case, the foster family just could not think of a better home for her than theirs.

Her new mom writes: Well, after spending the last five days at home being able to observe Robin, here's what I have found out about her. While she is calm and "mellow", she is still a YOUNG dog, inclined to getting into trouble -- holes in the comforter and sleeping bag. I learned she can't be left alone for more than 5 or 10 minutes before she takes advantage of the opportunity to find some fun. If left outside while you are inside, she might dig a little, or tromp through plants. If left inside while you are out, table tops are fair game, 20 lb securely fastened containers of dog food are dumped all over the floor. And when you arrive on the scene, Robin has mastered the art of total innocence. She flashes her toothy grin, melts your heart and you can't get mad. But hey, she's great in a crate! It's been almost two years since we lost Becky, yet I couldn't bring myself to go looking. Somehow I think if I couldn't look for a dog, the dog came looking for me...the heart on Robin's head matches perfectly with the empty one inside me and her new dad said, "she makes me feel happy".

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