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Original story: Ritter is a handsome young male born Oct 2002. He has a proper tail dock and dews removed. He is a typical high energy boy without much training in the manners department. He does jump up on people but he is a smaller boy at 22 inches and 45-lbs so he does not bowl people over. He has been around older children and small dogs, cats unknown. He is doing well on house manners despite us being told he spent most of his life in an outdoor kennel. Ritter loves to play with the V/lab puppy, Deidra, and also is doing fine with my other 2 males despite his not yet being neutered. Ritter is a special needs dog. The second night in our home he had a seizure. It is hard to tell over the long term what this will be like for him. Most vets don't medicate a dog unless they are more than once per month. Many dogs once put on medication do not have seizures, and some others are not so lucky and the medication does not help and eventually the seizures can claim their life. It will take some time, like 6 months or more to assess where he might be in this continuum. Ritter would be best with someone home quite a lot of the time. He does not appear to be a big barker or digger and has made no attempt to jump even our 4 foot fences. He is not fond of going into an airline kennel but does OK once you get him boosted in. He is a great snuggle and bed buddy. If your heart and home have a place for Ritter, he is located in Salt Lake City.

March 2004: Ritter found his dream home in OR with Julia and the cats. In fact he might be the "magical dog" as on the first night he was sound asleep snuggled with mom on the bed and all the cats came to join in. All the cats in harmony on the same bed is rather rare. Ritter has settled in very well, gets long off lead runs at the football field where he also gets to play with other dogs. He wears out all the others out in Vizsla warp speed style. He also tried to swim to China as he was going after seagulls on a beach visit. The hunters in town have all commented on his being a beautiful dog. He is starting to be protective of his house -- so we are quite sure Ritter is HOME and Prissy the cat is especially happy to know he will stay.

Dec 2012, Julia writes: My Ritter is getting old and gray but is still a puppy at heart. His epilepsy is well controlled and heís had no other major problems. He loves his vizsla companion Jasmine who was acquired from Viszla Rescue in Georgia (Jasmine is actually from Alabama). She (two years younger than Ritter) is completely beautiful and a real piece of work... a high fence jumper and a world class digger... whom Ritter tries to keep under control but canít quite. Ainít that the way with all boys and girls. Glad to know your good work is still going on. Best, Julia

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