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Rita was registered Seniorita Margarita, b.5/31/1999; dam: Reilloc's Taz and sire: Kelby Creek Bud Dalton. She was given up after she started escaping from an outdoor run at her former home. We're not quite sure why anyone thought she had issues because it was clear from the git go that this dog is about as well adjusted a vizsla as we have ever seen. Thanks to Audrey for getting the ball rolling, Carmen of Best Friends of Baker for getting her into foster care and down to Boise, to Jan Simer for being there for her even though Rita is several generations removed from her breeding and especially to Jackie & Ernie for letting her come into their lives and help to heal their broken hearts.

Feb 2007: Ernie, Jackie & Duke were still grieving for Holly who at just 2-yrs old lost her battle with kidney disease in January. They agreed to take Rita for few days to lighten our load when we had several other dogs needing to come in. We knew they would love Rita's rock solid recall, her outgoing personality and that she would be a playmate for Duke but we didn't know they would decide to foster her for the rest of her life!

Rita is big sister to Duke.

Dec 2014: We are sad to say that Rita passed away in February of 2013 do to complications with her lungs. She was 13 years old and gave us more than we could have asked for. She came to us when she was seven and we never imagined she would be with us as long as she was. She was the sweetest girl in the world. When we had our son Nolan she was so loving and protective. He loved her and she love him and it's not always easy explaining what happened to a 3 year old. It is disappointing that she never got to meet our daughter, I'm sure they would have been inseparable.

On a happier note. Duke is 10 years old and seems to be doing fine. He doesn't get as much of the attention with the two kids running around but he also doesn't have the energy he did when he was a puppy. He is affectionately referred to as Dukus (Duke-us) by our son and now the whole family. He still likes to bark at squirrels in the back yard and take naps on the couch. We hope you have all been well. Please visit Rita at The Bridge.

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