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Marishka Arany Askim was born 8/13/2001. She has an AKC pedigree, tail docked, dews removed, 20 inches tall, 40 lbs. Her sire and dam are Bo Knox Askim and Little Ann Utah. She is dark red in color, small boned, and has the most expressive face I have seen! She is crate trained and housetrained. Rishka was given to rescue as the family did not have time for her due to starting their family. She spent much of her last year living on a deck on the second level of home, no yard, and no exercise. She is on the high side of active level for a Vizsla. She does like to play with other dogs and is doing well both old and young dogs . Rishka is learning about dog chew toys and loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. She will jump up on people and she is mouthy in play so will not be good with small children. She sleeps on a dog pillow at the foot of the bed, loves to snuggle in your lap on the couch. She loves water and swims. She knows sit, stay, come, fetch, give (sometimes), wait (to go in/out door). She is unknown with cats. Marishka can fly over a 4 foot fence with ease. She does not run away she goes to the side door wanting in the house. This girl can probably scale a 6 foot fence so she needs a home where she will not be left in the yard. She will need a crate indoors while people are gone. We would like to place her with another dog who is as active as she.

July 2005: Marishka found her perfect home in CA and made the trip to meet Nina & Ed with Daryl. Rishka did not take long at all to decide that she would load up with them and enjoy the ride home to CA -- with illegal bait of French fries! Her new home says that she is all settled in, loves her daily walks and loves wrestling with their son. True to V style she follows Nina everywhere. At her first beach party, Rishka got along with all the other dogs and she went swimming way out into the ocean while the other dogs would only play in the surf. She also went to visit Liz & Rich and spent most of her time in their pool. For the Dowdell's, Rish, was one of the dogs that could have stayed forever and become a part of their pack. In her new home she is queen of the house and adored and loved by all -- but we miss her just the same.

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