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Rosco is a 4-5 yo male who was an unclaimed stray from a Utah shelter. He is a small vizsla at 45 lbs, dark red in color, tail docked properly, dews removed. He is a sweet dog who can be timid of situations and loud noises. He loves to snuggle on the couch as close to his human as possible. He is house and crate trained. He prefers to sleep on the bed next to you but will sleep on a dog bed if asked. He rides well in the car. Rosco does show some guarding behavior of his human and can be snippy with other dogs who come to share attention with you. His perfect home would be with a single woman who wants a dog glued to her side. Rosco is fine with my husband if I am not home but when I am home he does act, at times, scared of him. He is playing with my dogs but his guarding is something that would need to be managed in a multiple dog house. He seems unsure of a large group of dogs so may not be a dog park fan. Rosco is unknown with cats.

Aug 2009: Rosco's Auntie Rebecca drove him to Boise where he spent the night with Penny & Frank. Then we talked Jenny, aka house sitter extraordinaire who is always up for an adventure, into driving Rosco to the Oregon coast where they arrived just in time to catch the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Jenny for driving our boy and to Ann for giving Rosco the home he never knew he was dreaming of. He also got the new name of Riley to go with his new digs on the Oregon coast. Thanks, Ann, for opening your heart to a redhead from Utah.

Sep 2009, Ann writes: Riley is doing great. I am set on this name. He responds to it well. Probably because it sounds like Rosco. He seems less afraid of new situations. I took him down to the ocean. He ignored it. Then he started leaping in the air and barking. At first I didn't understand. Then I realized he wanted off the leash. I took him to the sea wall where no one was around. He LOVED running in the sand. He stopped when I called and came tearing back. We go for walks several times a day. He knows all his pee spots. I have spent a small fortune on toys and such. He loves to shop at the pet store. I have attached a photo so you can see he is doing good. I can never thank you enough for brings the great guy into my life!!

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