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4-yr old Riley was released to rescue when her owner went through some job and life changes that made it difficult to give Riley the attention she needed... er, make that... demanded. She was a determined girl with her own ideas about the way the world should be and she also suffered from skin allergies and didn't react well to stress when things in her world were not going according to her master plan. She needed a home where someone could manage her allergies and also keep a step ahead of (or at least tolerate) her creative little doggie mind.

Katica was b. 4/28/1997 as Lady Riley Sadira out of Rusty Von Boomer and Lady Sarah Sadira.

May 2001: Victoria, Andrew & Zoli made the trek to Boise to meet their new little girl. Riley, of course, was always glad to meet new friends and was not the least bit concerned about possibly having to share her life with a kid like Zoli. So with a new name of Katica to go with her new life she piled into the car and headed for Seattle. The trip home went pretty smooth and, except for one little incident after they arrived where she got back in the car and demanded she be driven back to Idaho, she settled quickly into her new life. She has proven to be a constant source of amusement for Vicki & Andrew and even managed to teach Zoli a few new tricks about counter cruising and eating things that are very bad for doggies (bad... but, oh so much fun!).

Thank you Victoria and Andrew for opening your home to Katica and, most of all, for not only putting up with, but for enjoying her never ending supply of crazy doggie antics.

Oct 11, 2010, Vicki writes: I wanted to let you know that our precious Katica died last night. It was without warning and fairly quick. I'm positive she was in no pain and she died with Andy and I holding her and Zoli by her side. We really couldn't have asked for more than that. She wasn't sick but the old girl was 14. Our hearts are broken but it's worth it for every moment we had with her.

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