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Riley is a 2 yo male, born 7/31/2003. Riley came into rescue as an unaltered male who was not getting along with the family beagle who was also unaltered. He has been altered, micro-chipped, and shots updated. He has been raised with young children and is good with them. He is tall, about 25" and 60 lbs. He is a deep rich red color and has the more square head shape. Riley does know a few commands but is not reliable if distracted. He is house trained and crate trained. He is powerful on leash and needs a sensation harness or he will yank your arm off. He will need more obedience training and he does jump up on people to greet them. He travels well in the car, is affectionate, playful and intelligent. Riley is unknown with cats. He seems to like other dogs but other males to date do not always like him so he would be best placed with a female dog if he is not the only dog.

Riley has had two seizures which were 6-8 mos ago, he is not on medication. Riley is a littermate to Wild Rose who has also had epileptic seizures and his pedigree shows that epi is in his family: sire True Blue Cougar and dam Red Lucy Legacy

Oct 2005: Riley found a home where he gets to go running with Andy, gets adored by Abby, and gets to play with Brit. Brit is not 100% sure she likes an attention hog for a brother or one with so much energy but they play when no one is watching and Riley likes to snuggle up and sleep with his head on Brit. Riley is happy to be included in all the family activities and he will get to go to obedience classes as well. Take care of your energizer buddy!!

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