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Riley was turned into a Boise ID shelter in Jan 2001 by his original owner when he was 3 yrs old for being too hyper and talkative. He was unaltered and mostly kept as a yard dog. His foster home found him to be a total love but fearful of some household noises and situations- stairs, car rides, walking on a leash. As far as "talkative" Riley was just a typical Vizsla. After being neutered, getting his shots up-to-date, a few weeks of love and encouragement from Karen & Pat, and a round of treatment for kennel cough (just 1 night in the shelter and the poor boy got kennel cough) Riley was ready for a new home where he could be part of the family.

Tom and Joan were looking for a dog to keep their V girl Kati company. She thinks Riley spends a little too much time sniffing her butt but he is fitting in well and is set now for the good life lounging on the decks in the backyard, hiking in the mountains, and playing with lots of doggie friends. Riley has taken to sleeping in the house like a champ and loves to be with his people. Riley will also get to be a bilingual dog learning all his commands in both English and Hungarian, compliments of his talented Hungarian parents. He is standing tall and proud as the new master of all he sees!

Aug 2001 - update I think I mentioned earlier that I had difficulty taking pictures of Riley because he was always on the move. I later realized the bigger problem was trying to get him to stay far enough away from me so I could take a picture of something larger than a head. But, we're making progress and I'm now able to bribe him to stay for short periods of time with promise of a treat. So, I caught a picture of him and Kati in our back yard a couple of weeks ago that I thought I'd send for your website.

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