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Riker is estimated to be about 5-6 yrs old. He has a bad back hip and the people who released him to us found him 4 years ago lying in their driveway. The vet at the time est. he was 1-yr old. His x-rays show a hip injury, most likely from a car, that was never fixed. He was "king of the house" until they purchased a Lhasa Apso puppy and Riker did not get along with the pup so the old "found" dog got the boot in favor of the pup. He is a couch professional who loves to ride in cars, gives kisses to all who get close enough and loves back scratches and tummy rubs.

His new mom writes: "He has adjusted very well to everyone. He loves my grand kids and licks everyone until they can't take any more. He has made himself right at home and you would never know that he has been here only a few days. He sleeps on my waterbed, which took him a little while to adjust to but is doing fine. You do not need to worry, he is going great!" Special thanks to the CO rescue folks for doing a home check. And a HUGE thanks to folks like the Bowmans who take in an older dog with a bad hip and love him til the end of his days -- wish there were more folks like you in the world.

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