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T-REX (was TREY)

Trey was an unclaimed stray from a Wyoming shelter. He is managable with cats and seems to be great with all people but we feel he might do best as an only dog. He has nice conformation, proper tail dock, dews off and is approx 3 years old, comes to call, needs to gain a few pounds and is crate trained. If you think the missing leg will slow him down, think again! He doesn't have that other leg to slow him down and he corners better than other dogs. Trey is current on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. He has not been evaluated for hunting but does not appear to be noise shy. Trey had lots of helping paws to get him from Casper WY to Boise ID in the dead of winter and sends extra special butt wiggles to Deb, Craig, Susie, Jan and Kathy for their help in getting him out of WY just in time for Christmas.

Feb 2008, Jennifer writes: The new member of our family picked us, we didn't pick him. Trey came to our home on Christmas day after we agreed to be foster parents. He decided immediately he was staying, regardless that I was looking for a four-legged adult female and he is a three-legged young male. He picked out his own place to sleep - on the extra bed in the spare bedroom - even though his dog bed was in the master. He decided his water dish belonged in the bathroom not the laundry room (it was the only way to stop him from drinking out of the toilet) and he made it clear he didn't like the name Trey. He never answered to it. When we joked that he looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex because of the way he hopped on his back legs, his ears perked up in excitement. He'll only come to T-Rex, though I've tried lots of others. I wanted a dog to jog with and didn't think he could keep up. I hadn't done the math. Me - 150 pounds, two legs. Rex - 50 pounds, three legs. He outlasts me by miles. He is not much of a hunter. He won't point at pheasants or ducks but he loves to chase tweedy birds. He didn't like his food so we bought something different. He won't wear a coat, so we bought him a sweater. He loves to snuggle, so we let him on the forbidden couch (at least it's red). He'll give me five (but not ten) and he plays dead for treats, which looks especially sad with only three legs. T-Rex does have a shoe fetish. He pouts when he sees me put on work shoes and goes crazy over my running shoes. He loves chew bones and his new family. If he didn't, he'd let us know!

Jan 2013, Jen writes: Here are pictures of Rex. Please share them. He's doing wonderful.

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