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On Friday, January 28, 2000 I got a call from a Wasatch Humane worker to tell me about a young male in the Provo, UT animal shelter. His last day was to be Monday, 1/31 and so I called the shelter to get assurance that if I arrived at 8 am on Monday he would be waiting for me. So in a grand snow storm I drove to Provo. We called him Stralynn for a time. He was very thin but picked up weight well and ate with gusto. He loves to play with other dogs but had no obedience manners at all so was not a good fit for a family with small children. We got an application from a wonderful home in NY who has a female V that needed a brother. Caroline & Joe adopted Remek after seeing pictures of him via email and gave him a fitting Hungarian name of "Ez Remek of Utah". Remek hopped a plane to NY on 2/12/2000. Caroline belongs to a dog obedience club and also loves to do agility with her dog so Remek will soon have good manners and will be flying over an agility course. If you ever run into Caroline & Joe ask them about the wonderful present of a squirrel from Remek. Enjoy the "wild man"!!!

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