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RED (formerly CANE)

Red came from a shelter in Hurricane UT shortly before Christmas 2002. He quickly made himself at home with the Dowdell pack and before we had a chance to post him on our website, Mike & Farrah picked him to be their forever dog. After entertaining the Dowdells for a few weeks while Mike got settled into his new home, Red jumped a few car rides, hung out with Penny & Frank in Boise, and then made the trek up to meet his new family. His new family reports that he has adjusted very well, is up for any adventure, and loved the intro's to the whole family. The only family member not quite sure he is happy about this arrival is Chance the cat. Red loves to run and play in the dog parks, steal sticks from others, and is learning to trade tennis balls with his humans. Friends and family are falling in love with Red, asking what kind of dog he is, and we are sure that more V's will be needed up in their family before long! Take care of our BIG teddy bear and foot warmer.

Update Dec 2004, Red writes: I know that you probably get lots of emails from the V's that you've placed, but my parents wanted you to know how grateful they are to you for taking me in and eventually making me a part of their lives. I've included our Christmas card picture from this year so you can see how I've grown! I'm now a full 90lbs without an inch of fat! Mommy says that I'm a V on steriods! They still think that I might be mixed with something else (whatever that means!). I'm still a true V through and through in my personality, and continue to warm the feet of those who come to visit. I'm starting to tolerate Chance (the cat) and ignore his snobby ways. I think I've finally figured out that he doesn't want to play like the other dogs. When I lay down and stop bothering him he even comes to sniff me out now and then. Mom says that's progress!

Speaking of dogs, I'm a regular social butterfly at my doggie daycare which I go to twice a week (If you want to see pictures of me go to www.central-bark.com). Dad calls me the "commuter dog" because he takes me downtown with him to drop me off there so I can play with my friends. There are about 4 other V's there, but none as big-boned as me! Everyone loves me and I love being the center of attention. Hope all is well with you and the other doggies!

April 2005: Aunty Reb, Well, here I am! As proud as I can be that I graduated from Level One, Home Obedience. Mom said that we're going to work really hard so that we can get our certification to go into Hospitals and Hospices. I'm not sure what those are, but she said that they have lots of really nice people who like to pet dogs so I'm totally game for that! I worked really hard to graduate from class. Our teacher said that I improved a lot and tried so very hard to please. I didn't even blink on those long down stays! Next is Level Two Home Obedience, and then it's onto the Prep Classes for the Care Aid Dog!

Dec 2005:Hi Aunty Reb...it's me again, Red! Mom said it was time for our yearly update so I grabbed the laptop and began typing. I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about you, and hope that you know how much all the other boy and girl V's appreciate the help that you give them! Since we last spoke I have passed both Beginning and Advanced Home Obedience along with the prep class for the Canine Good Citizen test and the intro to Therapy Dog Training. The next CGC class is in January, so Mom and I have been working hard to practice for that. I seem to have passed all that puppy-like behavior that I'm sure I displayed when I was with you. Mom is pretty happy about that! Now that I am much better trained, everyone is beginning to notice. My friends at the Doggy Daycare have said that my obedience has improved dramatically, and even my Grandma and Grandpa can walk with me on a leash without me pulling. I don't think it's as much fun, but they seem to give me a lot more attention when I behave (and more cookies) so I think I'll continue to do so. Mom has said that we are going to attempt an Agility Class next. I'm not sure what that is, but she's pretty sure that I'll love that too! I still have my bouts with Colitis, but with the help of some Doctors, a change in my food (I now eat Buffalo, Salmon and Duck food), we have caught a few episodes before I have needed hospitalization. Mom said that's progress, but I still don't understand why I feel so bad sometimes! She has also been asking me if I would like a brother or sister for company now that I am trained. I'm not so sure I like that idea, as I like being the "head dog" so I'm thinking that I would prefer a sister who was a little more submissive than me. Anyhow, I hope things are going well for everyone there. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to enjoy and for you to see how I've "aged." One of them is me in my new Winter coat. I love my warmth! I don't look very happy in the photo, but that's just because Mom interrupted my play for a "sit-stay." Happy Holidays! Love, Red

Dec 2008, Red writes: I completed a refresher course in obedience this past February (Mom made me...said it was good for me to be reminded of my manners) and have learned to settle in with my dogsitter without too much seperation anxiety when Mom and Dad go away on vacation (although I just don't understand why they just can't take me EVERYWHERE!).
I had a bit of a scare a month back when I fell down the stairs (they are all hardwood). While I didn't hurt myself, I sure did scare Mom and Dad! As you may remember, I had my paw operated on last Xmas. They removed a bone shard from my "elbow" and said that this was the reason why it kept getting swollen. However, they also found a good amount of arthiritis in the joint, and well...my foot just isn't quite as stable as it once was. I can't chase as many tennis balls as I used to, and while that used to make me sad, I've decided that sleeping inside on nice, soft pillows isn't such a bad thing. Mom and Dad have since carpeted the stairs so I'm not scared to go down them anymore. I'm including a photo of my in my little "bootie" that I had to wear after the surgery.
I'm told we are awaiting an addition to our family. Although I really don't know what they are all fussing about? All I know is that they took away my den upstairs and filled it full of stuff in this pink color. Mom does smell a little weird these days, so I know something is up, I'm just not too sure of what? Mom has showed me something called a "jogging stroller" and assures me that we will still go on our daily walks-that we'll just be accompanied by another person. I love people, so I figure this shouldn't be so bad, right? They keep calling her my "sister". I suppose I'll find out soon enough! Oh...by the way, the other picture of us is in my "sisters" new room. They put this stupid hat on me and expected me to look all happy! Of course I cooperated like the good dog that I am, but I was NOT happy about it!

Dec 2010: Hi Aunty Reb... It's me, Red Sugg here. Glad to see all the pic's of my fellow V's on your Christmas card. You'll see me sporting a festive collar in our family Christmas card shot as well. This year has brought it's share of challenges. I'm getting older and struggling with a degenerative disk in my back along with some pretty serious arthritis in my back paw/elbow. I'm on some anti-inflamatory medication to help me along and Mom and Dad have ordered me this awesome new orthopedic bed which has helped a lot. My "sister" is now almost two (you'll see a picture of her in the attached photo) now. She enjoys throwing me a tennis ball or two and I have fun trying to steal both from her. We're moving back to my home state of Washington in a month or two and I'm so very excited. The humidity and warm summer months here in South Carolina have not been my favorite. I much prefer the cooler summers of the West Coast. Not to mention, being closer to all of my old friends and family. Dad and I are driving the 3000 miles across country because he doesn't feel that it's right to put me on the plane for such a long distance. While I'd probably do fine, I'm not going to complain about all the one-on-one time I'll get with just him and I in the car! Well, I should run. My "sister" is done with dinner, and I always get the scraps from what she doesn't finish. Have yourself a great Christmas! Love, Red (aka "Cane") Sugg

Apr 2013: It is with great sadness that we write to you to let you know that Red (Cane) Sugg has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Our family is struggling through these next few days without his loving face, the sound of his nails on the hardwood, and mostly, without the warmth of his cuddles on the bed at night. Recently, he was diagnosed with canine dementia, severe arthritis, lower airway disease, and as of last Saturday, we believe he suffered a stroke which caused some neurological deficits. His quality of life declined very quickly, and his eyes were so sad and tired that we felt the only humane decision was to let him go. I can't even begin to explain to you what a great dog he was. He was my third dog, and I fear never being able to own another because he was just so great. I never met a dog with a greater temperament. He never knew a stranger, and was so very gentle with children (even though he was quite large!). Thanks again for picking him to be a member of our family. We were truly blessed to have him in our lives for 10 years. I've attached some recent pictures of him.

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