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Sep 2015: Opie (now Rebel) was owner surrendered for having too much energy in his original household. He was jumping the fence in search of adventure and exercise but, despite being a little too enthusiastic, we found him to be friendly with all people and other dogs... not polite but friendly. He needed a vizsla experienced home with the patience and determination to work with him and help him to be the dog he was meant to be. Rebel found that perfect home with Tim & Lynne.

Oct 2015, Lynne writes on day 1: We learned new things about each other. He learned that I prefer not to share my bed pillow, especially with his butt end. I learned that he snores! He is a sweetie. He slept from 8:30 pm until 6:30 am this morning. We went for an early morning drag. Later, we went to a little used dog park and played with a 14 month old husky. He plays well. He likes little dogs. We had a mid morning chew stick, sat outside, played some ball, watched the squirrels and rolled in the grass (yes, both of us). We were having a great day until he pooped out on me. Now I am just waiting for him to get a second wind... before Tim gets home and thinks I broke him.

and day 6: I apologize for not being faster with the camera. Had I been quicker, I am sure you would have appreciated Tim laying on the floor with Rebel trying to recover an 8oz T-bone. Old dog learned that it doesn't matter how far back you push the dish, if Rebel wants it, he will find a way to get it. He is so sweet at times that I think we chose the wrong name, and then he does something like grab and run when you least expect it. Tim was in the kitchen and had turned his back for only a second. He is getting to the point where he understands that he isn't just visiting. He is very, very sweet when he is tired. He is hell on wheels when it involves a squirrel or a cat. He is SO focused that you can't get his attention. He is afraid of power and hand tools. I found this out while I was increasing the height of the fence by 15", just in case. Nolan did a great job working with him! He sits, knows down, shake hands, will come and sit in front of me (only in the house). He even came when I called him at the park. Well, only once, but it was really exciting. He is scheduled for a half day of daycare on Friday and he is signed up for obedience 1 starting 11/23. I know he knows all the commands, but I have serious doubts he can concentrate in a room with other dogs, yet. He really is a great dog and he is so good with other dogs and people. He hasn't had an accident and sleeps thru the night. He just needs a little encouragement and a lot of patience. We're making slow progress, but it is progress, none the less.

Oct 31, 2015: Happy Halloween! Rebel is adjusting nicely. We have settled into our normal routine. Wake up, wrestle in the bed, eat, walk, go to the park, play, nap, eat. He went to daycare last week while Tim was in New Orleans. He loved it. He couldn't keep his eyes open on the way home. They had a contest for a free day of daycare. We competed. I don't know yet if we won but he's a very handsome Hellboy. Of course, right after the pic was taken, he ate a little of the sideburns, so he will probably be pooping fur.

Jul 2016: I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of Rebel at the beach. He's doing great! We do a couple hours off leash 3-5 days a week. He comes when he is called and most all of the time is a very good boy. He spend his 'at home' days with us, patrolling for squirrels or lounging in the sun on the patio with the retired lady next door, who spoils him rotten.

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