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Ranger is about 2-yrs old, tail docked, dews off, 56-lbs of sweetness. He was a stray who was never claimed from an ID shelter. He is a deep red color and has a beautiful coat and velvet ears. He appears to like all humans equally, we do not have children but his temper seems suited to children but we would not place him with toddlers due to his unknown history. He is house trained, crate trained, and a snuggle and sleeping under covers pro. He loves to lay with, or on you, and sits in your lap. Ranger has been allowed on furniture and sleeps in the bed. He rides well in the car, loves to play fetch with tennis balls, and sticks. He likes to chew but is not avid. He is in foster care with two other males and does great. He would like another dog to play with that has lots of energy and wants to play tag, wrestle and roll, and keep away. He does not appear to be a fence jumper or escape risk but we do not leave dogs in the yard unattended. He spent a couple of nights in Idaho with a cat in the house and appears to be manageable with cats but might take some additional work depending on the cats. Ranger will not win any conformation titles and his front feet turn out to the side and he stands rather "knock knee". Our vet has evaluated him and he has full range of motion so we don't feel this hinders him in anyway... although he will need to stay trim and would probably not make the best long distance running partner but a more devoted dog you will not find.

Oct 2004: Ranger had a very busy weekend. He caught a ride with Daryl from Salt Lake to Boise, went to a dog walk with Penny & Frank and then another car ride and then to a BBQ. On Sunday he jumped in the car again and made the trek up to OR to meet his new family. In true goof ball Vizsla style he managed to push the barrier in the back of the car out of the way so that he could curl up with humans and snore on the ride home in the back seat. He settled down well in his crate after a romp in the yard and tour of the house. Ty will show him the ropes and what corners he can cut -- as long as she gets her favorite spot on the bed with mom. Take good care of our sweet, goofy man, who loves to get in your lap and sleep wrapped up in your arms. We miss ya, ya big dumb bunny with the silly feet :)

Dec 2014, Marie & Andrea write: This email is LONG overdue, but it is sent to you with a sense of deep gratitude. Rebecca, you may not remember this, but it was your persistence, faith, and good sense that convinced me that Ranger entering our lives in the midst of a move made perfect sense "what's one more thing when you are moving?". Ranger has been a wise and joyful addition to our family. Focused and friendly come to mind. He knows what is important and is focused and steadfast in seeking it out -- whether it's his people, his treats or his naps. As you so well noted, lover boy only begins to describe his demeanor. No matter what his big brown eyes and floppy ears melt the sternest look -- and that is a wonderful life lesson. I am attaching several pictures for your enjoyment. He is amazing. A sun seeker and first in bed or on couch. We can still get him into the water but only if it is to retrieve a treat cleverly placed on a paper plate. What a gift. Thank you both for continuing to change lives both human and canine. We wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Dec 2016, Ranger writes: I may not be as quick, but I still enjoy my daily walks - rain or shine. Actually my mommies aren't as quick either, so me slowing down is really more about them than me - don't tell them though. It's been a terrific journey from Salt Lake City, to Boise, Pendleton, Seattle, and now near Washington DC. I am a very, very happy boy thanks to everyone whom I rescued. For some reason my mommy has a few tears in her eyes at the moment - probably because she feels bad seeing me staring longingly at an almost empty treat jar. So we need to go now - I need treats and she needs a snuggle. (BTW this is the mommy who originally thought it would be too much to handle - a move into a new house and one more family member. - hah!) Again happy 2017 everyone! It will be the best year yet.

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