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Laser's Rafer Legacy was born 5/10/94, tail docked, dews off, AKC pedigree. Rafer is dark mahogany red and strongly built at 65 lbs. He was kept mostly as a kennel dog and hunted in his early years. His original owners got too old and gave him to their granddaughter and she sold him in the paper for $5.00. Rafer and a Dalmatian shared quarters but when food was tossed over the kennel fence they got in fights. Rafer appears to love all women and children. In open spaces he does fine with men but he is protective in the house and will give a low growl to men at times- but only if women or kids are there. Rafer can open gate latches and needs a good secure 6-foot fenced yard. He is housebroken, crate trained and is a couch and bed pro. He is neutered and up to date on shots and in good health. He is a cuddler who loves rubs and he rides well in the car. He is a mid-lower energy dog.

In June Rafer found what we believe will be his for sure and forever home. After 2 long years without a vizsla in her life, and through a quirk of fate, Roxane and Rafer's paths crossed and 8-yr Rafer is home! He took the journey from Salt Lake to Boise to Pendleton and on to Portland all in stride as if he knew this was where he was always meant to be. His new mom works at a boarding/training kennel near Portland, so besides being her best friend and buddy he will also get to go to work with her and hang out with other pointing dogs. Roxane reports that Rafer is the kind of alarm clock we would all like to have because when it's time to get up he pins you to the bed so you can't get up! Zzzzzzzz...

Roxane writes "He's pretty big for standard but a real love bug!! He's my little waif at 63 pounds!!". (We're pretty sure Rigo and Halifax (waiting at The Bridge) would approve.)

Sep 2002- Rafer writes: well, mom left me at the kennel overnight .... i wasn't real happy but at least mom fed me, got me out and kissed me for the night. i kinda wanted mom to tuck me in and tell me a bed time story but i guess that was asking for too much. this morning she got to work early, to let me out and feed me. well, i did a 15 minute happy dance .... i forgot how many times i stepped on her feet .... she mumbled something about being glad she had steel toes in the boots. i biffed her good a few times in the face!! serves her right for leaving me for the night!! mom said something about building my character - i don't think i need anymore!! the boss lady laffed at me and wondered how i greeted my previous owners .... if i did the same happy dance for them as i do for my mom. what can i say, i am a happy sort of guy. the boss lady said something about me being an 'underspoiled waif of an oaf.' i wonder what that means .... but i think she was funnin me. boy, i get funned at a lot .... i am just a distinguised man!! rafer

Dec 2002- another note from Rafer!!: everybody at the kennel keeps talking about xmas, and happy holidays, and that it is the season for giving. i told them that xmas came early for me cuz i was given a forever home - so does that mean i get to celebrate twice, or since i came to my forever home .... which would make it 6 months of celebration?!! we all decided that 6 months was a much better way to celebrate, than just a few weeks!!

Mar 2003 Rafer and Roxane also adopted Connor and now Roxane will really have to watch out for the head biffin' boys!

Oct 2003, Connor & Rafer report from the coast: we're havin soooo much fun on the beach .... runnin and swimin and playin!! mom says we're goofy fer goin into the pacific to swim but we don't care - lots of fun. though mom says we're bringin waaay too much sand into the car. she hasn't swept that out but she did have time to give us baths .... cuz rafie rolled in something scanky smellin and i had a ton of sand in my coat. mom says she's glad we have short hair cuz we dry quick like. she gave us a bath in the hotel room!! course we got a ton of sand into the bed before the bath .... tee hee. we're tryin to figure out how not to go back to work but mom says she hasta work to keep us fed and spoiled rotten. rafie and connor

Valentine's Day 2005, Rafer reports from Oregon:
from us boys to all of you. we gave mom extra kisses ..... well, i biffed mom in the nose and lip with my snout and connor quinn biffed mom with his feet .... in her face. tee hee. mom says we've need to learn not to biff so hard!! mom took us to the park .... and we had a blast. connor met up with not one but three whippets .... who ran his little butt around. we got home and whispered sweet nothings in mom's ear. but, according to mom, we fell asleep; and that i snored in one ear and cq did his little groan in the other ear. we reminded mom that it was time for dinner .... by sitting on her. boy, mom sure doesn't like it when both of us sit on her .... something about being too heavy.
rafer fitzgerald

Apr 2006: we bugged mom til she finally took us to the park!! we had to move apartments cuz the complex is starting to renovate the ones that were involved in the fire. the managers didn't want any of us to get hurt. mom made them help her move. we supervised by running back and forth and then sitting on the couch and watching them. we are on the first floor still but because it's on a little bit of a hill on the backside, we have a balcony patio!! mom's been propping the back screen open so we can go suntan if we want to. after all this moving stuff mom took us to the park because we were doing such a great job of being underfoot and in the way. mom didn't buy that we were helping .... not sure why!!

Apr 2007: Rafer left us this month just short of his 13th boofday with his mom and little brother, Connor Quinn by his side.

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