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In March 2001 Quinn decided to allow Angela and Allen to permanently adopt her and, after spending 6 months fostering her, how could they refuse? Quinn is now the spoiled sister to Amiga and Cognac (aka "the bad doggies") and has her forever home.

Two-year old Quinn came to rescue by way of a Boise ID shelter in October 2000. She was fostered there for a week and then went to Utah for an extended evaluation period. This sweet, little 42-pound female needed an experienced Vizsla owner willing to keep her in socialization/obedience classes and set and follow rules. She has a tendency to be belligerent when she's asked to do something. She is highly motivated by food and loves to please but 'roos' and barks until she gets her way. Quinn is great with other animals, especially cats, but insists on being top dog and coddled with affection. Quinn is quite dainty and prefers the couch to the outside porch. She loves being held and wants to be under your covers at night.

Thanks Angela and Allen for making room for Quinn in your lives (and condolences to Amiga and Cognac for now having to live with the little prima donna).

Feb 2012: Quinn got a new vizsla brother this month when Max joined the family.

Mar 2013, Angela writes: I wanted to let you both know that our beloved Quinny has moved on to doggie heaven and is running free. We made the decision on Thursday evening after a pretty challenging couple of weeks. If our vet aged her correctly, she was near 16. We had 13 years with her and can't believe our little pack is without her today. Penny, I know she held a special place in your/Frank's heart. There is no doubt Frank is throwing a ball or Frisbee for her as we speak. I thought of her welcoming committee when she passed over and there was many of our animals there to greet her. She was ready, unfortunately, we were not. We love her and will miss her tremendously. Thanks again for bringing her into our lives. Visit Quinn at The Bridge.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Quinn.

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