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Porter is a 2-yr old weim/dobie cross and weighs 70-lbs, b. 12.2004. Porter was returned to rescue in February after his adoptive home found his reactive behavior difficult to manage and agreed it wasn't a good way of life for either Porter or them. Porter has been living with Penny & company for several months and, while he does have some issues with reactive barking in new situations, he is making progress and we think he is ready for the right home.

He is good with other dogs. He gets along with cats and people of all ages, was rasied with horses, does well at doggie day care and loves car rides. Porter is a happy dog who is always "surfing" the world around him looking for the next party ("Google" would be a good nickname!) so he is looking for an owner to take care of the business end of things as well as be his buddy. Porter is very intense and will benefit from strong leadership so he knows he doesn't have to worry about anything and can concentrate on just being a dog! He is looking for a dog savvy home that will offer him a job to do where he can use his mind as well as his body (tracking, agility, ???).

Oct 2007: Porter's big break came in the summer of 2007 when John Corcoran of McCall Pet Outfitters offered to take him and work on improving his meet and greet skills. Sometimes it takes a while to find that perfect match but Porter sure found his when Allison walked into John's store to buy supplies for the dog she expected to adopt. She just didn't know until then that dog would be Porter! Thanks to John, Porter has learned to manage his behavior when greeting new dogs and without John he might never have gotten the chance to show the world what an incredibly nice dog he really is. John figured it was going to work out when Allison's first question was "Can he keep up with me?". Allison is able and willing to work closely with John to continue the training and iron out any kinks that arise. Run fast, play hard and don't bark too much, handsome man!

Much thanks to the Downtown Hound for giving Porter an outlet for his energy and to John of McCall Pet Outfitters for believing in Porter and helping him to find the perfect home.

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