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Original story, May 2013: Penny is a 4-yr old lab/vizsla mix (b. 2/2009), small lab size at 50-lbs with a single coat slightly longer than a typical vizsla, friendly and outgoing without being pushy. To say that this dog got the best of both breeds would be an understatement. She is great with kids and other dogs, comes to call, good off leash, respects fences, crate trained and loves car rides. She is a happy girl despite being given up by the family she thought loved her. What's wrong with her you ask? Penny has Addison's disease which, once diagnosed, can be managed so that affected dogs lead normal active lives. Please visit www.addisondogs.com to learn more about Addisons in dogs.

Penny is looking for an active home with the experience and resources to manage once monthly injections (approx $50 per month). Penny would make a great hiking/camping buddy and would especially love a home where she can also snuggle on the couch with you and be included in all family activities. She has not been trained for hunting but loves to retrieve and she loves water. Penny was not raised with cats but is fine meeting them at the vet's office so we believe she would do well with a dog savvy cat.

Sep 2013: Penny found her perfect home with the Clark family. Because there was already one Penny in the extended family, Penny is now Poppy. Her Addisons continues to be well controlled with the low dose protocol treatment and she loves her new life with kids and runs in the foothills, cross country skiing and all that comes with being part of the family. The bunny still hasn't quite comes to terms with Poppy but we are confident they will work things out in due time.

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