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Pippen was an unclaimed stray at the Logan, UT shelter. With the help of Lisa Shaw and 4 Paws Rescue he was bailed from the shelter. He is 9-12 months old and a possible vizsla/lab mix. The Ensign family had just said goodbye to their beloved vizsla Chester two days earlier. We asked them if they might be interested in springing Pippen from the shelter and taking care of him long enough for us to get up to Logan and pick him up which they readily agreed to do. We were hoping that besides obviously helping Pippen it might help fill the void left in the Ensign home by Chester's passing.

Although Pippen had obviously never been inside a house or even seen a flight of stairs before he quickly made himself at home. He surprised everyone by executing a perfect four point jump up onto the breakfast table the first day but has been refining his house manners ever since. Pippen definately has the instincts of a hunting dog. He instantly came out of a deep sleep at the sound of a turkey gobble on TV the other night and then pointed the turkey on the TV! He is affectionate, extremely friendly, and of course thinks of himself as a 50-lb lap dog.

The Ensigns have given Pippen a lot of TLC and love and decided to switch from foster home to forever home. Although Chester can never be replaced, Pippen's personality along with those familiar Vizsla traits have helped him wiggle his way into the Ensigns' hearts and we know every bit of love he receives is bouncing right back at 'em!

Feb 2011, Brandy writes: Our Pippen is a very happy living in Paradise. He has a good pal, a female wiemer (Rosie). They keep watch over the horses, cats and chickens - especially the chickens! Pip and Rosie keep each other busy and look great together too. Take care.

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